iPhone app for half.com preview

mitad Seller
An app for selling on half.com

We sell on half.com, and put our experience into an easy to use productivity app for other half sellers.

Check out our iOS app and start selling on half.com today!

We were sorry to read that eBay has decided to close half.com on August 31st, 2017. We have added an optional extra cost migrate to eBay feature to help individual sized sellers migrate their personal inventory over.

Something for every seller

Our goal is to build a full featured iOS app for half.com sellers, one that helps with everything from productivity tasks such as listing inventory, to checking up on shipped packages and received payments. Our app is secure and responsive to your needs as a seller. To let us know what you think after trying mitad, just shake your device and tap the choice.

Manage Inventory

View your inventory in the major categories you are familiar with. From here you can end a listing, revise a listing, or search by title or barcode. Your half.com inventory is downloaded and securely stored locally on your device, allowing you to quickly scroll through your items within the app. With version 1.3.0 of the app, you can now also migrate your personal inventory to eBay for a small in app fee.

Sell My Stuff

In this view you can scan the UPC and ISBN barcodes of merchandise to list for sale. You can even key in older ISBN-10 barcodes that lack a barcode. Your listing information will then be verified against the half.com catalog before submission.

Manage Orders

View your half.com sales transactions, and track your USPS® shipped packages to buyers. You can also view your received payments for the prior payment period.

Manage Inventory

Familiar major categories of Books, Movies, Video Games, and Music.

View your inventory organized by title. View details on a listing including stock photo and product pricing details.

End your listings with a simple swipe. Update your listing price, quantity, description, or condition at any time.

Fast on-device searches without the need to be online. Search by title or ISBN/UPC barcode number. Perform revision actions within the search results.

iPhone app for half.com preview

Sell My Stuff

Speed up your listings with UPC and ISBN barcode scanning using your iPhone®, iPod® Touch, or iPad® camera.

iPhone app for half.com preview

Fast accurate barcode scanning
We incorporate the scanning capability using the rear facing auto-focus camera. The app is calibrated to close focus on UPC, as well as the ISBN, barcodes.

Listing Inventory
Scanned, or typed, product codes are verified for a catalog match at half.com to save you time. GPS access for listing location. You receive the catalog stock photo and title pre-populated, and you can quickly input price, quantity, condition, and description.

Manual entry of older ISBN-10 codes
You can still list your books that do not have a modern barcode. We provide a customized numeric keypad with the "X" found in many such codes.

Manage Orders

Sales and payment information at a glance while on the go. You can not only view your sales transactions for the last month, but also mark items as shipped and track shipped items.

My Sales
View your sales transactions by date. Filter by 31 days, 7 days, or the last 24 hours. Bring up details about the transaction, mark the item shipped, and track shipped items. When items sell, receive a local notification on your device.

My Payments
View payments that have been paid out to you by half.com for the most recent pay period. Shows your deductions for commissions and reimbursement for USPS postage.

iPhone app for half.com preview

Get the app

The mitad Seller app is available for the iPhone 4s and higher, iPod Touch 5th Generation and higher. Compatible with iPad 2 and higher, iPad Mini and higher. Requires iOS 8.4.1 minimum. Requires half.com selling account. eBay migration requires in app purchase.

Trust the source

Insectria, LLC is a proud member of the eBay® developers program. The mitad Seller app is certified by eBay directly as compatible with their platform which includes half.com.